5 Tips for a Successful Showing at OTC2022


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5 Tips for a Successful Showing at OTC20225 Tips for a Successful Showing at OTC20225 Tips for a Successful Showing at OTC20225 Tips for a Successful Showing at OTC20225 Tips for a Successful Showing at OTC20225 Tips for a Successful Showing at OTC2022

Showcasing leading-edge technology for the offshore, drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection, Offshore Technology Conference is the world’s foremost event for companies looking to make their mark in the offshore energy industry. Hosted at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, OTC2023 is gearing up to be a crowded landscape with 2,568 companies representing 43 countries vying for the attention of almost 109,000 people. So within such a crowded landscape, how do you make your company (and news) stand out from the rest?

1. Start with a solid strategy

The time and energy spent planning out your show strategy can be even more important than time spent on the show floor. The sooner you begin the process, the greater the potential reward. What is your message, how will you spread that message and how can you be heard? From a PR perspective, begin working your plan up to 12 months out. What news will there be? Will your brand have any announcements or product launches? Will your brand be partnering or sponsoring any events or activities? Can you team up and share start thinking about the show in early September. What will your news be? How will you stand out from the seemingly endless amount of industry announcements? Analyze what the trends might be and plan to communicate your company’s plans within those categories.

2. Tell your story once, twice, three times – wash, rinse, and repeat

Be clear and precise when telling your brand story. As you think through your OTC2023 campaign, never let your message waiver. It should be clear, concise and compelling. Think in terms of short clips or sound bites – just exactly what messages do you want to share, again and again and again. Amplify your message through clear, crisp, and concise messaging. Think about the iconic 1980’s Faberge Organics Shampoo commercials which showcase the exponential power of the original marketing – at that time, word of mouth, which is amplified by the power of social networks. Capture your prospects’ and clients’ attention with a strong, clear message. A sound bite will do. And they will tell two friends and so on and so on.

3. Maximize Your Online Presence

Consider the many ways you can brand your corporate website, driving your OTC2023 messaging. If your corporate website is considered sacred ground, create an OTC2023 specific micro-site. Brand it with your OTC2023 campaign, including a location map for your exhibit so visitors can easily find you at NRG Park throughout the event. Journalists, clients, and prospects need a way to find out more about you and the micro-site the perfect place to include this sort of information – easily and quickly. From an online press kit, to press releases product details and links to your social channels, your OTC2023 event micro-site can be an all-in-one source for all things related to OTC2023. Some of the items that should be available in this online press kit are product data sheets and images, press releases from the show, press contact information, FAQs, executive bio, video interviews or product details, as well as social media URLs.

4. Reach out, early and often

One communication truism is that it takes at least six times or impressions before a message can be heard. Consider all of your communication and branding touch points – from the marketing and sales collateral, to eBlasts and eNewsletters, advertising, direct marketing and direct mail, social media through to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest and plan through your campaign. Consider your target audience to help drive your decisions and planning.

5. Circle back, persistence and consistency rule the day

Pardon the cliché, but since OTC2023 is in Houston, Texas, this one is spot on with a bit of a Texan-feel: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. While there is no guarantee that your best efforts at communicating and getting the message out will bring that perfect prospect to NRG Park to visit your team, you must persist. Ongoing, consistent messaging and branding will strike a chord, differentiating your company from the rest.

The Offshore Technology Conference represents a tremendous opportunity. With early planning and solid strategy, you company’s message is sure to rise about the noise and be heard, loud and clear.