Your Booth Space Needs to Work For You. Here’s How it Actually Can.

Your Booth Space Needs to Work For You

Whew, the trade show industry hasn’t had it easy, and neither have you. At 2020 Exhibits, we’re helping you get back out there. And, as always, we’re considering the needs and budgets of our clients to deliver smart tools and fresh and creative ideas to drive rewarding, measurable business results.

Something for you to consider in today’s climate: customizable, reconfigurable tradeshow displays.

Maximize your display booth value

These displays easily grow with your exhibit needs, whenever and wherever you need them. You can reconfigure your display to fit multiple spaces—large or small. They offer flexibility and are ultra-adaptable, maximizing your value.

Here are a few thoughts on how your trade show space can really work for you.

So…what do you really want out of this?

There are lots of options you may not have initially considered for your trade show exhibit. It all kicks off with a concept and a strategy.

Ask yourself what your real objectives are for attending the trade show. Think about the whole ballgame—what needs to be done before, during and after the show to support those objectives.

Do you need to create incentives for prospects to approach your sales team? Do you have a way to schedule follow-up appointments? What is your overall budget and what numbers equate to an acceptable ROI?

More bang for your buck

Consider the type of image you want to project, booth colors that can support the image, and booth space configurations for easy conversations and smooth traffic flow. And always consider your brand.

When selecting from all the choices available for your trade show exhibit, there are so many factors that are important in order for you to get the best bang for your buck.

From interactive displays, hospitality areas, and immersive experiences, a customizable, reconfigurable trade show exhibit may be just the thing you’re looking for.

You get to think outside the box

What if you could offer a space that includes comfortable seating set away from the craziness to conduct business? Having your customer in a relaxed setting is a pretty sweet spot to have a productive 1:1.

There are all kinds of delightful elements you can plug into your space, like curved LED panels, impactful visuals that tell your brand story, and offer your prospects an immersive experience as they enter your booth. With a customizable exhibit, you really get to think outside the box.

Stand out and make it all work to your advantage

We consult extensively with our clients to drill down on all you need in your booth to align with your business objectives and show off your brand. In order to stand out in a crowd, a customizable booth can speak specifically to who you are and what you do.

You have greater control over how you present your products and services than ever before. Prospects want to see what you’ve got and enjoy the conversation. A customizable exhibit will make it all work to your advantage.

The point? Increasing your bottom-line

2020 Exhibits is a global leader in the design and production of custom exhibits, branded environments, virtual trade show displays, and global events. And as always, our focus is on accelerating engagement with you and your customers so you can achieve bottom-line results.

Prospects are ready to check you out. We make it easier so they will.

A customizable, reconfigurable exhibit can be a great choice. And we’re pros at respecting your time and your budget.

Your customers are ready to check out what you’re selling. We’ve made it easier for you to show them. Your booth space needs to work for you. Let’s talk so it can.