6 Ways to Maximize your RSNA Tradeshow Experience


RSNA is the premier annual event in the radiology field. Celebrating its 105th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, RSNA is a flurry of activity packed into a single week. Thousands of scientific papers are presented, 444 educational courses are attended, and 659 exhibitors present the latest in imaging technology. With so much activity, garnering the attention of busy attendees can pose a real challenge. As an exhibitor, gathering an audience is a top priority.

Here are a few pointers on how to get some foot traffic and best network at RSNA from the experts at 2020 Exhibits:

  1. Be in the Know: Know your audience
    The theme of this year’s assembly is “See Possibilities – Together” The idea is that the radiology field has broadened its focus into the larger medical community. There will likely be more fields represented at this year’s meeting than ever before. Identify who you want your audience to be and customize your message to that group.
  2. Be Transparent: Send a clear message
    You want to make sure your key message is easily understood and can grab attention right away. Even if your product or service is complex, you want to be able to capture that attendee in the few seconds they are passing by your exhibit.
  3. Be Compelling: Inspire attendees to action with compelling creative
    Even in a small space, great design can turn heads. Being bold and creative can turn a lot of heads and create engagement.
  4. Be Consistent: Maintain continuity
    It’s a simple branding concept, but it remains an important one. Ensure your collateral and visuals match your booth and see those guidelines through. You don’t want your message getting lost in messy inconsistencies.
  5. Be Visual: Demonstrate your product
    It’s important for your audience to see how things work. Obviously, imaging is all about visuals. If you have the space and it’s feasible, showcasing your product on the floor is the best way to get buy-in.
  6. Be Seen: Show is better than tell, have a video demo
    If bringing your product to the event won’t work, a video demo will do the trick. Reach out to the experts at 2020 Exhibits for content creation and professional A/V equipment sales and rentals.

Maximize your RSNA visibility and presence, we can help.