Give Your Tradeshow Attendees What they want

Tradeshow Attendees

As year-end draws near, event marketers and managers are meeting to develop, fine tune and hone their plans and budgets. At the heart of this process is one key component, facing marketers worldwide: VALUE. Markets must perpetually prove value, to those with greater spending and decision authority. They must have strong answers and validate that dollars spent is worth it. Is an event the best use of our resources, including time, money and people? Can you prove it?

As you toggle between proving value to your internal target audience, senior management and the like, we know you must also consider the all-important other audience: your targeted prospects and valued clients. Again, you must drill down and carefully consider their needs. Walk in their shoes. What are their needs and what are their goals? Time is tight. Resources, oftentimes, are even tighter.

What do they want?

According to a recent survey published by The Center for Exhibition Industry Research, attendee needs are pretty straightforward.

  • #1 reason for attendees is to see new products. Exhibitor tip: Do an in-booth product demonstration.
  • Your attendees will tell approximately 6+ people about their experience.
  • 38% of attendees are first-time attendees. That is nearly four out of every ten are first timers to that show.
  • 94% of decision makers possess net buying influence. A worthwhile audience.
  • To what do attendees attribute a positive experience? More than 80% of an exhibitor’s success lies in the performance of the staff. Engagement is the name of the game.
  • Over the course of the average tradeshow, the duration of time spent attendees visiting exhibits has increased by 5%. Attendees spend an average of nine hours and 2.3 days (per show) visiting exhibits.

As you try mightily to focus on the matter at hand, know that we can help. With more than 30 years of award-winning experience helping event marketers, tradeshow managers and sales teams reach their objectives and prove results, we can walk you through the process. Help to identify your needs and offer some tangible solutions How can we help?