Why Does Trade Show Booth Design Matter?

Tradeshow Booth Design

Charles Eames said it best, “Design is a method of action.” Moreover, when you want to capture attention and drive people to action, design matters. Your trade show booth needs to capture attention from attendees, whether it is the biggest booth on the show floor or smaller in size. Making yourself stand out among a crowd is the tricky part. Fortunately, with 2020 Exhibits, you have access to our award-winning design team and a vast selection and array of designs that will help you stand out. Without question, your brand experience will be unforgettable with 2020 Exhibits!

When you are designing a trade show booth or custom display, you will need think through and decide upon some key considerations. From location of the booth to size to wowing a crowd with jaw-dropping visual displays, our team of exhibit design experts are here to help! As you plan for the experience, work with our seasoned team of experts to make sure that you have considered some of the questions below:

  • Do you stand out amongst the crowd?
  • Have your maximized your space?
  • Are you getting the most for your budget?
  • What makes my booth unique?
  • How do I choose the right trade show booth size & layout?
  • How do I bring my brand to life?
  • What will the booth lighting look like?
  • Am I able to measure ROI?

With multiple sizes, configurations and designs, you can customize your booth to fit your specific needs and liking. Our design team develops creative concepts and solutions that extend each brand to its targeted audiences. Ultimately, we interpret and infuse brand-centric strategy into exhibit and event programs. This approach means that the resulting exhibit and trade show program will highlight brands and products in the best light, fully supporting marketing objectives with engaging visitor experiences. Design matters. Act now.