Tips for First Time NAPE Exhibitors


The North American Prospect Expo, usually referred to simply as NAPE, is all about getting deals done. The tagline for NAPE reads candidly, “Where Deals Happen”. This is a show where you come ready to close and make those critical connections to grow your business.

If it’s your first time showing at NAPE, it’s critical that you get up to speed quickly and put your best foot forward right out of the gate.

Here are a few hints from the professionals at 2020 Exhibits for first time exhibitors:

  • Get out in front of it
    Success at NAPE starts long before the event begins February 15. Like anything else, preparation is the key. Establish a budget, a set of show objectives, and launch a campaign to execute those objectives.
  • Call in some experts
    The efforts for this show may take your marketing team beyond their capacity. There are plenty of tradeshow operations to reach out to. The biggest player in Houston is 2020 Exhibits. Let an exhibit house execute your pre-show strategy, booth design, AV needs, logistics, and follow up.
  • Build a winning exhibit
    Regardless of budget, it’s important to draw attendees to your booth to get that all-important face time you came to NAPE for in the first place. Clever design, a clear message, and an approachable space are all vital aspects to increase your foot traffic and engagement.
  • Stay focused on ROI
    Exhibits can be a significant investment and it’s important to keep an eye on the bottom line. Evaluating your prospects at the show and targeting high value targets is critical to making it worthwhile. Powerful lead capture and lead generation services can help you quantify your efforts and give you tangible lead data to turn over to your sales force at show’s end.
  • Follow up
    While you may actually close deals on the showroom floor, most interactions are just the start of a new connection and sales cycle. Those new relationships represent your investment and not harvesting them is essentially wasting all your efforts. Follow up immediately after the show and put the wheels in motion to adding a nice new book of business!

We’re happy to get your first exhibit strategy started. Call a representative at 2020 Exhibits and we can walk you through the process.