Ten Tips to Generate More Quality Foot Traffic at NAPE


  1. Focus on Design
    A great design can help you work around a lot of restrictions. If you have limited space or budget, an eye-catching exhibit can help you work around those limitations.
  2. Prepare and Connect
    Preshow campaigns can have huge payoffs but are too often ignored. Communicate your message well before the show date. Build anticipation while staying front of mind with your prospects.
  3. Demonstrate Value
    NAPE is all about making deals. Make your value proposition the centerpiece of your message and focus on your target market.
  4. Land a Speaking Opportunity
    Get involved in NAPE and reach out to lead a breakout session. If you’re a thought leader in your area of expertise, leverage that into garnering a large audience of potential clients.
  5. Make a Statement
    Your exhibit will represent your business. If you can go big and bold, make that statement. First impressions are critical when the goal is closing new deals.
  6. Make a video
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is its own language. Creating original video content for your show is one of the most effective uses of your show resources. Here are five reasons why.
  7. Interact
    Interactive displays not only draw more eyeballs, but attendees will get a better understanding of your product or service by actively engaging with it.
  8. Plug in with AV experts beforehand
    Sights and sounds can draw attendees, so use the best available. Talk to AV experts at 2020 Exhibits who know the ins and outs of how to set up your multi-media gear.
  9. Have an event at the event
    Throw a party for long-time clients and your high value prospects. That face time is worth the investment. Tie it into your preshow communications and use NAPE as an opportunity to launch a full on, multi-level campaign.
  10. Ask for the lead
    Whether it’s through the use of automated lead capture technology or simply making face-to-face connections, the entire purpose of NAPE is to get deals done.

It’s never too early to get the ball rolling. Call the experts at 2020 Exhibits to get your show strategy started today!