2020 Exhibits Sweeps the BMA Lantern Awards … Again

2018 BMA Lantern Awards

With an all-together new name and a new brand look and feel, the organization formerly known as the Business Marketing Association (now ANA Business Marketing Association) celebrated the best and brightest of business marketing that is Lantern Awards.

Recognizing the best of the best in quality creative and strategic business-to-business communications, the ANA announced the winners on 2020 Exhibits yet again sweeping the event, earning 16 hearty rounds of applause and accolades, including eight Lantern Awards and eight Awards of Excellence, for leading design and marketing excellence.

A Lantern Award in the Large Exhibit category celebrated this show-stopping favorite, the EXPRO at the Offshore Technology Conference 2018. As a leading international oilfield services company, Expro sought to showcase its commitment to technological innovation at this year’s OTC Houston conference. From technical in-booth presentations to larger groups, to more one-on-one client and prospect hospitality, engagement and interaction, EXPRO’s technology took center stage. Grabbing attention by design, this 40 x 50 exhibit captures attention from far and wide across the showroom floor. This leading oilfield services company’s sleek display is a real conversation starter, with the signature curve and brand color of Expro’s iconic circular logo seamlessly bringing the space together.

Winning a Lantern Award for the interactive presentation, this engaging interactive is central to the International SOS exhibit experience. As the world’s largest medical and travel security services firm, International SOS counts nearly two-thirds of the Fortune Global 500 companies as clients. 2020 Exhibits sought to design and deliver an immersive, interactive experience showcasing the expertise and services provided by International SOS, as seen through the experience of two personas: The Traveler and The Manager. As a single point of contact for medical and security, International SOS offers “local knowledge on a global scale.” This company is the world’s leading traveling and security risk organization, with 26 assistance centers operating 24/7 worldwide.

Earning a coveted Lantern Award for an industry leader, Sinor Engine. With a recent facility expansion to over 300,000 square feet, Sinor Engine wanted to be able to bring their far-reaching client base to their facility, virtually. Compelling images, video, and action do speak much louder than words, and for the Sinor Sales Team, bringing the Sinor experience to their clients tackles one of their most significant challenges head-on: Showcasing their products, capabilities, inventory, equipment (can you say not one not two but three DYNOMETERS?!) and team – when these products and industry leaders remain in-house, in their facility, doing the work. It’s an impressive operation to see and experience. The creative and messaging throughout the interface is simple yet effective, with a smooth UI, allowing users to engage in the way that best suits each user. The interactive effectively contains all of Sinor Engine, in full view, from the drone fly over to employees and equipment, in action.

As a Lantern Award winner, this richly layered Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits microsite teases users with a taste of the event, with a bit of sass and pizazz, the copy and creative images sealed the deal, generating buzz and excitement for this all-important event.

Key objectives included developing a creative, engaging microsite that would stand out from the rest and capture attention, set the tone and attract the clients, guests, big-name brands, recognized industry rock stars, and leaders, to name a few. With this head-tilting concept and creative theme, the Roaring ‘20s site was designed to generate interest, energy, buzz, and excitement.

In the Non-Profit Campaign Category, a Lantern Award was won for the Keep Houston Free Gala 2018. A key driver for this campaign was developing a creative concept that would stand out to capture the guests’ hearts, minds, and generosity (of spirit, of finances, of time) and create the full scope of Gala deliverables, to capture attention, attract attendees, contributions, and deliver an inspiring and compelling event experience.

What better way to stand against the heaviness and weight of a demon such as Sex Trafficking than with a symbolic element, in motion? For Redeemed Ministries, their signature element is the sparrow, which represents the women who take that first step, to wholeness, and wellness, and freedom, through organizations like Redeemed. For 2020 Exhibits, the famous gospel hymn, mainly as sung by Mahalia Jackson came to mind serving to inspire the imagery and motion for the branding of the Keep Houston Free gala, and its campaign deliverables. A Lantern Award was won in Promotional Item category, for this one-of-a-kind pin.

2020 Exhibits earned Awards of Excellence across a broad range of categories, including Large Trade Show Booth, for GEE Takes Flight at AIX 2018 and Technip FMC at OTC 2018. In the Fixed Installation category, two Awards of Excellence were earned, with one for the FedEx Feature Wall, and another for TechSpace Shines. Inspired Environments – 2020 Exhibits, won an Award of Excellence in the Sales Literature category. Going Social with 2020 Exhibits earned an Award of Excellence in the Social Media Category. With an original illustration for the Keep Houston Free Campaign, receiving an Award of Excellence. In the Tradeshow Exhibit category, 2020 Exhibits won an Award of Excellence for the TMK Exhibit at OTC2018.

About 2020 Exhibits
Headquartered in Houston, TX, with offices in Las Vegas and St. Louis, 2020 Exhibits provides total tradeshow and event management, including the design, fabrication and installation of tradeshow exhibits for clients locally, nationally and internationally. With a laser-sharp focus on the delivery of dynamic interactive experiences to build brand engagement, 2020 Exhibits proven expertise in the integration of custom rental exhibits and multi-screen, A/V rich environments helps global brands drive results. The Environments Division's Corporate Interiors and Signage Group delivers crisp and compelling ADA-Compliant and Architectural Signage; Multifamily Creative Sign and Environmental Sign Design; Sign Package Design, Fabrication and Installation Nationwide; Environmental & Wayfinding Signage along with robust Naming & Identity programs.

Since 1987, the company's award-winning team has worked collaboratively with clients to provide optimum exposure and offers the total event package of services and support including interactive technologies; lead capture; corporate events; conference exhibits; event management; audio visual and digital multimedia; in-house production and printing; experiential marketing; event furnishings; graphic and creative design; brand marketing communications; turnkey show logistics; turnkey show management along with warehousing and storage.