How to Have a Super Productive NBAA Tradeshow Experience: 12 Helpful Tips


The numbers at NBAA speak for themselves. With 27,000 industry professionals, 1,100 exhibitors and over 50 education sessions, the world’s largest business aviation event presents opportunity in every direction. It can be a little overwhelming. With such a critical show, it’s important to stay focused and have the right strategy in play in order to get the most production out of the event.

Here are 12 expert tips on how to get it done:

1. Do your research
Success is usually determined by preparation. Having your show objectives and a plan on how to achieve them will pave the way. Most of the “who’s who” info is available online.

2. Reach out Before the Event
Once you know who you want to engage at NBAA, go ahead and reach out to them prior to the event and schedule your meetings. Calendars fill up quick with so much going on.

3. Reap the Benefits of Sharing
Seek out a speaking opportunity at the show. Getting an audience and demonstrating that you’re a thought leader opens numerous doors and creates introductions you might not be privy to otherwise

4. Be Greedy with your Show Objectives
Don’t pigeonhole yourself by thinking the show is exclusively about generating sales leads or getting that one perfect vendor. NBAA is loaded with opportunities to improve your business. The lectures and seminars are like grad school for business aviation. Get your PhD!

5. Have Fun!
There’s nothing wrong with mixing in a good time! Avoid getting caught up in trade show monotony. Engage with your audience and entertain some clients. There are plenty of options in the Orlando area.

6. Stand Out
A major challenge on any tradeshow floor is differentiating. This makes sense because, unlike most marketplaces, all participants are by definition in the same trade. Grab valuable attention with compelling design and a custom exhibit.

7. Go Interactive
Demonstrations are best understood in a hands-on environment. The flight industry does not lend itself to simple product demonstration. Investing in an interactive display to communicate your business model can overcome that limitation.

8. Be Loud
Tradeshows are all about the senses. Attendees want to see, hear, and feel. Enhance the experience by complementing your exhibit with state-of-the art audio technology.

9. Go BIG
Aviation is big business with big hardware. It just makes sense to scale up if you can. Go for a crowd gathering double-deck booth or a huge video wall.

10. Make a video
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is its own language. Creating original video content is a great way to capture many of the facets of aviation.

11. Embrace Media Coverage
NBAA is a big event worthy of drumming up some PR for. Shoot out some press releases and try to earn some visibility in local business journals and trade publications.

12. Get Some Business!
Whether it’s through the use of automated lead capture technology or just shaking the right hands, NBAA is ripe with the best prospects of any show in the industry.