Six Solid Reasons to Rent Your Next Custom Exhibit

Custom Exhibit Rentals


Whether you plan to exhibit in shows on the East Coast, the West Coast or anywhere across the globe, the question of to rent or to purchase your custom trade show display has likely surfaced. As you map out your tradeshow and event marketing plan, keep the following benefits of custom exhibit and display rentals in mind.

1. Fully Customizable – No two shows are the same. Nor are the attendees and, in many cases, your objectives. With rentals, you can change your exhibit footprint and customize the structure, from one show to the next.

2. Flexible & Fluid – Every custom exhibit can be scalable, flexible and adaptable for any venue, target or shift in strategy. With exhibit rentals, you have the freedom and flexibility to change it up and update as you go. Your brand and your message remain on target and in line with each show and event.

3. Less Taxing – With absolutely no property ownership taxes, renting your exhibit can lighten the bottom line.

4. No Storage Fees – Renting also eliminates the cost to store your booth.

5. No Repair Costs – After the show does your exhibit need a refresh, perhaps a bit of sprucing up after the long ride home? For you, that means no worries. With a rental, the cost of repairs is not your problem or your expense.

6. Location, Location – With eight full-service locations across the United States and more than 50 partners worldwide, geography doesn’t need to be an issue.

With a robust and ever-expanding inventory of rental structures, modular, reconfigurable components, and hybrid properties, our design team has the freedom and flexibility to create the ideal exhibit, while considering bottom-line objectives, value, and results. The design team can build innovative, fresh, and creative design solutions around any style, size or budget.

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