Way to Grow: 6 Ways to Attract Tradeshow Attendees

Attract Attendees

It’s Showtime! You’ve done the work. Your tradeshow exhibit looks spectacular. Your booth staff is trained and ready to shine! You’ve made a list, you’ve checked it more than twice. It’s show time and you are ready to go. But, what if, gulp?!?! What if you end up standing alone, and no one steps into your booth?

Perhaps you have never been to a show before or maybe what you have been doing, well, is not working. Any way you look at it, you need to answer one fundamental question: How do you get the best, most qualified crowd to visit your tradeshow exhibit and spend time with you?

The first step down the path to tradeshow exhibit attraction is to promote, promote, promote. Just like the location in real estate, it matters most — before, during and after the show.

Here are six pre-show ideas for attracting more people to your next trade show experience:

Smile & Dial with Purpose – Pick up the phone and call your clients, prospects, and friends. Invite them to join you. Invite them to visit you at the show. Invite them out for breakfast before the show opens. Invite them out for a drink after the show. Take a deep breath, smile, pick up your phone, and start dialing.

Maximize Your Social – You should always take the time to promote your participation in a tradeshow, using social and your very own blog (if you have one) to spread the word. Does the show have a hashtag? Use it. Make it part of your pre-show communication strategy. Do a little legwork – check out the event’s website site and all social media opportunities surrounding the show.

You’ve Got E-Mail! – If the event or tradeshow allow it, send a branded notification to this email list. Keep your message on point, focused on what the attendee wants and needs. Be sure to plan ahead and allow for a follow-up and a reminder.

Be Direct – This one is tried and true, if time allows, communicate old school with a direct mailer. Design matters. Make yours big, and bold with a compelling call to action. Don’t be shy, ask and ask BIG!

Go, Team, Go! – Promote your participation to your internal audience as well. Give them the details and let them know why it matters. As your ambassadors, the internal team can talk it up. Use your Intranet, your internal communications and your company blog as the place to talk about this tradeshow or event. Design a post around success stories, show people why it’s not only important for you to participate in this tradeshow but why it’s vital for attendees to make it part of the tradeshow plan.

Maximize Marketing Opportunities – From the event’s website banner ads to coffee cup sleeves and escalator runners, most shows offer Exhibitors a variety of promotional opportunities both before and during the tradeshow. If your budget allows, take the plunge and jump in to maximize these opportunities to attract attention.

Ready, set, go — get started today.