The design and development of a tradeshow exhibit partner or event program Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quote (RFQ) or Request for Information (RFI) can be a challenging and complex responsibility for trade show managers. The needs, objectives and requirements for a tradeshow and exhibit RFP, RFQ or RFI, also can vary widely, from a single domestic event to a more comprehensive, global multi-tradeshow program and portfolio. As you work to draft your corporate tradeshow and exhibit program RFP, it is important to define and consider key requirements, including:

  • Firm profile including industry, competitors and target markets
  • Your brand and your business including products, services and industry trends
  • Tradeshow and event program and marketing objectives
  • Program objectives, prioritize and be specific
  • Design requirements, including preferences, needs and objectives
  • Brand basics, including branding guidelines and objectives
  • Service needs and requirements, such as I & D, on-site management
  • Budgetary information
  • Event and tradeshow timeline

As a trusted adviser and marketing partner to leading brands and business across the globe, 2020 Exhibits provides total trade show and event management including custom tradeshow exhibits, A/V rentals, dynamic events, interactive multimedia, branded corporate interiors and environments, strategic marketing and engaging technologies.

Offering worldwide service in all areas of exhibit stand design and construction, 2020 Exhibits can help plan, design and produce your domestic and international trade show events and programs. From Asia to Africa, North America and Europe, to South America and Australia 2020 Exhibits offers effective and eco-friendly exhibition solutions to exhibitors all over the world. From domestic clients traveling overseas to international companies exhibiting in North America, our seasoned team is prepared to handle your entire exhibition experience across the globe. No matter how large your brand or your business, we can provide turn-key program management and understand the complexities involved in International Exhibiting for domestic shows such as the OTC2023, LNG 18, and AAPG international and European shows such as EAGE, Offshore Europe and OTC Brasil2023.

Headquartered in Houston, with offices in Las Vegas and St. Louis, with a network of partners worldwide, we have had tremendous success in planning and implementing innovation solutions for tradeshow exhibit programs, interactive multimedia displays, corporate interiors and a wide range of events, and we will bring this experience to each and every project and program.