Virtual Trade Shows and Engagement: Reimagining B2B

Your show has been postponed Or, worse yet, the dreaded canceled. Or perhaps you were preparing to run an event, a big product launch or tradeshow experience on behalf of your brand or non-profit, but had to make made the painstakingly tricky decision to cancel this face-to-face event or experience.

Everything about this new not-so-normal in the event, tradeshow, and exhibit space can feel overwhelming. Take a moment to soak in the reality of the change. Yes, it will be different. Yes, we have to shift. And pivot. But, in the very same breath, the truth is that with clarity and intention, solid strategic thinking and planning, there can be a new solution for B2B engagement.

Consider going virtual. With virtual trade show events and online B2B expos you can still engage and educate your target audience. Even in this world of remote engagement, we are planning and preparing to deliver virtual trade show experiences for our clients.

At 2020 Exhibits, we create these virtual tours to convey the feeling and experience of your booth or facility in action. We call this new way of approaching the tradeshow space B2B Reimagined and are offering solutions so your events may proceed.

What are the benefits of Virtual Tradeshows?

Meaningful Connections & Engagement – Going virtual allows your clients to continue to make meaningful connections with their customers and partners.

Showcase Products & Services – 360-degree interactive virtual tours lets your clients showcase products, services, or can take clients on site, to tour a building or facility. Sinor Engine’s virtual tour showcases their impressive facility to their customers, prospects, and employees around the world, on a smart phone, tablet, or desktop.

Educate & Inform – With a 360 virtual tour, we can engage viewers (formerly called attendees, on the trade show floor) through an immersive and interactive experience with educational or informational hotspots, to learn more. Through this compelling and engaging interactive experience, International SOS taps into the concerns and challenges facing their target audience.

Brands can meet clients where they are, from the comfort of their digital device (and decent web connection) through this online experience.

  • Tour your booth property
  • Tour your facility
  • View 360 Products

Real-time Interactive Virtual Tours

Real-time interactive virtual tours let your clients and prospects move through your space – from your trade show booth to capture the in-booth experience, through online, self-paced, immersive browsing. Clients and prospects can look around while learning about your products and services.

View 2020’s Showroom here!

Next Steps > Project Scope

The next step to provide a project pricing estimate is an understanding of project scope. If you’re interested in learning more about 360 virtual tours, virtual trade shows, real time interactive tours, and B2B Reimagined, we would love to help. Call us at 800.856.6659 for a free consultation to determine the most productive way to virtually tell your brand story and to get started today.