Post-Covid Tradeshow Ideas

Post-Covid Tradeshow Ideas

After 2020 brought things to a halt, in-person events are beginning to start again in places from Houston to Las Vegas and beyond. As this trend continues, exhibitors and exhibit providers alike need to find new ways to keep people safe and attract businesses. While safety is now a larger concern, that doesn’t mean fun activities aren’t around.

Utilize Digital Tools and Activities

While in-person events may be returning, there are many important lessons to be learned from the digital-only times of the last year. This means using digital tools like Livestream and interactive videos to make in-person events more interesting and encourage participation. Other ideas include social media challenges such as branded hashtags or live games using smartphones.

Make Events into a Conversation

After so many online events, zoom calls and unstable connections, visitors are ready for some dialogue. That is why it is important to encourage questions with all of your discussions even more than before. Speakers and exhibitors alike should allow time for audiences to respond. It may even be a good idea to encourage small discussion groups for users to debate on specific issues.

Hybrid Events: Safety first, Now More Than Ever

While things may be opening up, we still haven’t completely made it back to the way things used to be. It’s important to make safety a priority for all guests. This can be done by making guidelines clear and easy to read with signage, inform all exhibition staff of the rules and available to answer questions and respect the individual comfort level of guests. Sanitization and additional cleaning should also be in place to minimize risk. 2020 Exhibits has a full range of Hybrid Event options. Combining elements of a virtual experience with a live show, Hybrid events allow for a great deal of interactivity for guests while making sure safety is a high priority.

Learn more about Virtual and Hybrid Events

With these things in mind, it is possible to create an entertaining and safe trade show experience for all present. Establishing good, repeatable guidelines will be key to set the standard for positive experiences moving forward for the next few years and beyond.