Planning Ahead for Your Next Big Event

Planning Ahead for Your Next Big Event

Picture yourself turning the page on your 2015 calendar. Fresh, new, crisp and clean, the pages (or screens) are ready to be filled. While you can’t control pressing timelines, you can manage the process and your deadlines, to stay on track.

A master calendar is key. Start by creating a master calendar of all your deadlines and commitments. Working with 2020 Exhibits, we can help. Together, we can build it out as far as you know it and include everything, such as: key paperwork deadlines, sponsorship deadlines, payment deadlines, shipping timelines and deadlines and so on. Use this same calendar to plug in important dates for all your sponsored and additional activities. Using a single calendar will help you notice if you have an important action item due the same weekend that you’ll be traveling for a different tradeshow or event. Seeing all your commitments in one place can give you a sense of control and understanding of how to budget your time.

Share your calendar. Once you create your master calendar, consider sharing it with your team and event colleagues. It will help them get a better understanding of what you’ve got going on, and it allows them to help you manage your deadlines and plan activities accordingly. Plus, it’s likely that some things on the master event calendar will include action items and deadlines, which should be on their calendars as well.

Set mini-deadlines. If you know you’ve got a deadline looming a month or more away, set mini-deadlines for yourself, to stay on track. Some may call it the elephant in the room – big deadlines, which should be broken down. It will come as no surprise that large tasks aren’t nearly as overwhelming if you break them up into smaller tasks, but setting—and honoring—those deadlines is key.

Simplify the Process. There’s a lot of work to be done before you even step foot onto the tradeshow floor. Be sure to tap into as many resources as you can, to help you get there with greater ease, flexibility and success. Our seasoned team offers a wealth of information and proven tips, along with an established, proven process. Let us help you stay focused to deliver an extraordinary experience.