5 Reasons to Add Video to Your Outdoor + Snow Show Tradeshow Strategy

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Tradeshow Strategy

Too early? Too soon? Never!
Even though its mud season and the snow is melting on the mountains, OUTDOOR + SNOW SHOW will be here before you know it! With warmer temps and sunny skies on the horizon it may be hard to think about down coats, snow boards, and poles, OUTDOOR + SNOW SHOW As you gear up and scratch off key deliverables for this January 29 – 31, 2020 show in Denver, there is still time to get in front of your show strategy – especially if creating video content is a part of that game plan. Quality film production does not happen overnight. Original video is one of the most effective ways to increase your brand visibility and should be a part of your strategy for Winter Market.

1. It Creates a Buzz
A well-made video can generate excitement about your product. Showing innovation, particularly technical innovation is difficult even with a sample product in your hand. Having a professional video made by the experts at 2020 Exhibits will deliver the impact and context your product needs to get people talking.

2. It’s Not Required. But it’s Required.
Don’t think of it as “everybody else is doing it” as the reason to go the video route. Think more “why is everybody doing it?” Having a video display has become standard as it simply the most effective demo. Customers simply expect to be able to view some video content. Just make your video better than everybody else’s!

3. People will Watch it
There are plenty of distractions in a trade show environment. Free giveaways, endless brochures and branded gizmos get stuffed into goodie bags. Most of that stuff ends up in the trash bin. A compelling video gives you the best chance to break through the clutter and grab the attention of your audience and make the case for your brand.

4. Unfortunately, you’re Indoors
One of the biggest challenges of presenting outdoor products at a trade show is you’re presenting outdoor gear inside an exhibit hall. Video solves that problem. Need to demonstrate cutting-edge technology barreling down the mountain? Your board’s incredible performance, in action? Video can provide where a brochure falls flat.

5. Well, now you’ve got a Video!
Creating a video has some legs. You’re not making a video just for Outdoor Retailer. You’re investing in a video for your brand. You will share that content on your site, with your customers, on social media, and at future events.

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