It’s Easy To Take the Lead


You’ve made a big investment and now the corner office is looking for results. Great show, can you prove that it was worth your time, trouble and spend? Did you reach the right people? To say that a lot rests on the shoulders of exhibit and event marketers is an understatement. For most, the tradeshow and event strategy is built upon managing and reaching key objectives. That’s right, the road to success is most often paved with lead to conversion.

A recent report by The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) examines the trends surrounding Exhibitor Sales Lead Capture and Follow-up Practice Trends. It takes a close and careful look at each step throughout the lead process, from capture to follow up and close. Of the many insightful and telling results, a few struck a chord.

  • Qualifying leads is infrequent, with only 30 percent of exhibitors capturing demographics and other lead qualifier questions, in addition to contact information and product or service interest information.
  • Customized emails, 64 percent, and phone follow-up tailored to address attendee product or service interests, 59 percent, are the most common follow-up methods. Fulfillment of these efforts is completed within two weeks by over 70 percent of exhibitors using each method.

Your sales team can’t follow up and close those leads without good information. What better way to push those leads to conversion, moving them from conversation to clients than a systematic, easy way to not only retrieve but track – in real-time – these all important leads. Enter Media Suite. Backed by powerful, real-time, analytics MEDIA SUITE is the most dynamic, all in one, easy- to-use interactive sales tool and engagement solution for the event industry.

With Media Suite, leads are qualified 100 percent of the time with capturing demographics and other lead qualifier questions. Additionally, key contact information and interest is gauged. Follow up is a snap with the immediate delivery of requested product or service information. From the show floor, sales teams can see and measure level of interest and true product focus. Follow up can be immediate, with the sales team no longer waiting for key analytics and information to make the call. In fact, according to the CEIR study, over 70 percent of exhibitors take up to two weeks for follow up. With Media Suite, you can speed the sales cycle.

When it comes to success, you have a few options: Lead, follow or get out of the way. Go ahead, you know what to do: Take the lead, with Media Suite.