Improve Your Tradeshow Strategy With 4 Simple Steps

Improve Tradeshow Strategy

As brand marketers and trade show managers, every day we are challenged to prove results. Although objectives may range from gathering qualified leads and increasing brand awareness to driving traffic and engagement, one primary focus remains: Make the Connection.

According to a recent study by the Center for Exposition Industry Research (CEIR), Exhibition Floor Interaction: What Visitors Want, the findings are resounding clear: Interactive, hands-on experiences rule the day. And while attendees focus on engagement with products and active experience, did you know that they prefer to be left alone to browse for themselves? So, as a tradeshow exhibitor or event marketer, what does this mean for you?

First, a quick recap from the study – the treetop view:

  • 59% of respondents ranked interactive demonstrations as top on their list of preferences
  • 58% want actual hands-on time with products
  • An equal number, 58%, want to take information home with them
  • Interestingly but not surprisingly, more than half or 51% indicated that they prefer to be left alone to browse
  • On a positive note, 46% do want to speak with exhibitors and engage in that conversation

With a vast array of options to consider as you embark on your tradeshow planning, it’s important to keep these key findings in mind. Here are some important steps to consider when working to extend your marketing strategy, make that all-important connection and reach your objectives through Trade Show exhibiting.


Consider the success of the Apple store. Table upon table of sample products, just waiting for someone to try it out and see if that product is of interest. Attendees are looking for both a reason to step into your environment and an even better reason to stay. Hands-on engagement and interaction are the way to go.


While 58% want to take information home with them, they’d rather not carry it. Simplify the process, meet their need and utilize Media Suite to determine their specific area of interest. Moving at their own pace, visitors can drive their individual experience, selecting the exact information they’d like to see and review on their timetable. And your sales team has easy and immediate access to key data from the show floor, where they can review at the touch of a button each prospect’s level of interest, product interest or most important questions.


Set the tone. When designing your tradeshow exhibit environment, always consider traffic flow. Does a modern space with comfortable seating and ample room to accommodate traffic and flow best reflect the feel of your brand? You might consider a space plan that includes areas for reception, hospitality, conversation and informal meetings while maintaining openness for traffic to flow through the exhibit.


While 54% of respondents may not want to talk with anyone inside the tradeshow booth, 46% do want to talk with someone and engage. When considering your tradeshow and event marketing strategy and plan, carefully consider who is staffing your exhibit. If you rely on your field staff or sales team, be sure they know about more than their individual product lines. Each should be able to speak to a broader company view. Your messaging should be direct and to the point. Eliminate the non-essential, focusing on crisp, clear messaging and imagery. Attention spans and time are limited. Set the stage for your booth staffers, give them what they need so they can maximize performance and make that connection. Be brief, be bright and engage.

It’s not enough to just think and plan – you also need to take action and make it happen. At 2020 Exhibits, we go above and beyond to create powerful, dynamic tradeshow strategies and deliver award-winning creative design that reaches the right target audience and drive results. Ready? Set? Let’s go!