Improve Sales Growth with Lead Experiences that Capture, Connect and Close


Quality, qualified leads are the lifeblood of any successful exhibiting experience and program. Center of Exhibit Industry (CEIR) research tells us that more than 90% of organizations and companies measure tradeshow success by sales growth and, almost of equal importance, 81% measure success by the number of qualified leads received. If Lead Capture isn’t top on your 2014 game plan, you might be out of the game.

Increase qualified leads, opportunities and revenue

Every conversation has a beginning, middle and end. With 2020 Exhibits and Media Suite, capturing quality, qualified leads has never been easier. Media Suite lets you immediately leverage the power of real-time lead analytics to engage, capture and convert booth visitors into your sales pipeline. Think of Media Suite as the ultimate conversation starter. With real—time lead data and analytics, your exhibit team can use this sales and business intelligence to identify and qualify the best leads so you can move the sales process forward.

Drive ROI with real-time, sales-ready data

And with 76% of tradeshow attendees deciding which exhibits to visit before they even attend the show, Media Suite captures and leverages this key data, opening the door connect with these right prospects. Once the information is gathered, you’re better able to target and provide the information desired. Your visitors are in the driver’s seat, accessing the content and information they care about – content that is interactive and instantly available.

Rank, qualify and prioritize leads with real-time scoring

With Media Suite, leads are qualified 100 percent of the time with capturing demographics and other lead qualifier questions. Additionally, key contact information and interest is gauged. Follow up is streamlined and simplified with the immediate delivery of requested product or service information. From the show floor, sales teams can see and measure level of interest and true product focus. Follow up can be immediate, with the sales team no longer waiting for key analytics and information to make the call.

Lead Experiences that Capture, Connect & Close

With seamless CRM system integration, Media Suite captures the information the right data needed to improve lead tracking and, ultimately, close that post-show feedback loop. Detailed analytics are designed to help on-site teams measure interest in real-time and hone their messaging and communications, which helped to further driving ongoing sales and marketing efforts. Offering a clean, crisp design and user-friendly interface on the front end, backed by robust back-end analytics, Media Suite improves sales growth with increased ROI and ROO, seamless CRM integration and increased engagement.