COVID-19 Office Safety

COVID-19 | Health & Safety on the Forefront

The anxiety people feel surrounding COVID-19 pandemic runs deep, bringing its own set of individual and collective challenges, at home and in the workplace. From entirely altering how we live, learn, and play to finding new ways of thinking and requirements for safe and healthy work environments, it’s a whole new world out there. As the clock ticks towards the latest new normal, companies are rethinking how they will get back to business, get their office space ready, and bring their employees back to work — safely.

What’s next?
As workplaces and retail environments begin to reopen physical and social distancing, reducing risk, emphasizing healthy, wellness, and safety top the list of priorities as companies rethink and make plans for how their employees are going to return to work.

Above all and what we do know for sure is that it will not be business as usual. For many people, Covid-19 anxiety is a genuine and present danger. It is a big step for employees to return to their offices and to begin interacting – in person – again. And for employers to not only prepare and plan for these returns, but for businesses to ramp up again.

We know you want to protect your employees when you bring them back to work. Here’s a recap of what to think about to make your workplace ready to bring employees back to the office.

Office Space Covid Protection

Depending upon the office space configuration, guidelines from local and national government entities, as well as the WHO and CDC, will place limitations on physical contact and distancing, along with requirements for increased protection, safety, and well-being. These physical distancing orders mean many of us must rethink layouts and protections for office space, work areas, and gathering places, such as conference rooms and lunchrooms. As employers, we have to carefully consider how our employees and guests travel through their environments and workspace.

We know that it is a big step for employees to return to their offices and to begin interacting – in person – again. And for employers to not only prepare and plan for these returns, but for businesses to ramp up again. Health and safety are top of mind. Here are a few ways we can help you to create a healthy and safe environment, protecting both customers and employees as they return to your place of business.

Establishing Checkpoints
COVID-19 gives a whole new meaning to the marketing catchphrase “temperature check.” For some employers and businesses, temperature and health-screening checkpoints will be the new norm with stations or a single entry point set up for employees and guests to sanitize their hands, having their temperatures checked before the workday begins. Employers will require that visitors and employees wear face coverings, complete daily COVID-19 questionnaires, and allow for temperature-taking upon arrival. COVID-19 health and safety protocols will require that companies effectively communicate new ways of operating and working throughout the workspace.

Communicating Safety Protocols
As employers establishing these checkpoints, entry points, and requirements, you must also remember to communicate social distancing and other critical safety messaging in a way that is thoughtful, thorough, and inviting. People are feeling stressed, after all. The last thing any of us wants to do is elevate those feelings with harsh, demanding messaging or communications. One straightforward way to help people navigate the workplace is to provide clear direction to employees, clients, and partners as they make their way through this new environment with friendly messaging.

And as we all work together, and together apart, please contact us to begin a conversation about how we can help you with best-practice solutions and ideas to bring employees (and guests) back, with safety and wellness at the forefront.