Give People A Reason To Connect With Your Brand


The key to tradeshow and face-to-face marketing is really quite simple: create a remarkable brand experience. From the moment that visitors step foot into your brand’s environment – be it a tradeshow exhibit, corporate lobby or corporate event – give them something to talk about, with an experience they will never forget. Make it entertaining, informative or impactful. Make it something that they would want to be a part of, without your brand name on it.

Start early, with pre-show or pre-event marketing. Share your story. Light the fire, generate excitement and create interest. If the message and creative are strong, people will be drawn to your exhibit, event or environment. Give them a good reason to stop by, to dig deeper and, in the end, help to reach whatever objective you might be after.

A great example is an environment build around the needs of our client, WEIR Oil and Gas, is their Corporate Headquarters and Showroom. With a huge capacity expansion underway, they needed a powerful first impression and engaging experience for their internal and external audiences.

For those all-important key clients, consider a private, customized event. What better way is there than a national sporting event – hello Super Bowl – to bring people together? From kickoff to the final call, Big Fun was delivered at this All-Star Super Bowl Celebration. By creating a fun, compelling event, 2020 Exhibits celebrated clients, family and friends with an event that hits from all angels: engaging, inviting, exciting, compelling and, well, a whole lot of fun.

With 2020 Exhibits, your brand can work from a strategy that hits from all angles: exhibit, events and environments – driving engagement and moving your business forward.