Five Can’t-Miss Attractions in Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina

As one of the Southeast’s premier destinations for a range of diverse industries, Greenville, South Carolina is home to Fortune 500 companies, manufacturing facilities, warehousing/distribution operations, and more. The peaceful outdoors, combined with the fast pace of the city makes it the ideal spot for growing businesses. Greenville has the perfect combination of businesses, culture, and, from our point of view, 5 can’t-miss attractions:

  • 1. Falls Park on the Reedy
  • 2. Greenville County Museum of Art
  • 3. Fortune 500 Companies
  • 4. Golf courses as far as the eye can see
  • 5. 2020 Exhibits South Carolina

2020 Exhibits is off to an exciting start in 2018 and expanding its nationwide reach, now in South Carolina. Encompassing everything from innovative biotech companies to specialty manufacturing facilities, Greenville, SC is home to a diverse range of business and industry. With this increased capacity, 2020 Exhibits provides clients with the best opportunity to save money while executing top-notch programs, with hard costs turned into savings via strategic locations near major exhibiting and expo centers nationwide, including Las Vegas and Chicago.

Expanding its nationwide reach with this new acquisition, 2020 Exhibits extends its robust and comprehensive offerings to this diverse marketplace, to help marketing, tradeshow, and communications professionals drive bottom-line success and growth for their brands and businesses.

“This expansion brings together the local expertise, nationwide support, and extended offerings to better serve the needs of the event, tradeshow, and marketing professional,” said Bob Babine, president of 2020 Exhibits. “We look forward to working with the talented team here in Greenville to bring to market our extensive operational capabilities, creative services, and innovative offerings with the same passion and commitment to excellence. As we move forward into 2018, 2020 Exhibits remains sharply focused on the future, and we are well positioned to take advantage of extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead.”

“Our commitment to superior products and service will be strengthened, providing a wider variety of capabilities and resources to our customers,” said John Rose, president of JC Rose & Associates. “We want to thank our loyal customers and friends for trusting JC Rose & Associates, Inc. to be your partner for the last 33 years. We look forward to continuing to serve you as 2020 Exhibits, South Carolina for all of your future needs.”