Exhibitor Magazine Features NOV OTC Exhibit Experience Designed by 2020 Exhibits

It is always such an honor and bright spot when a feature article about one of 2020 Exhibits projects is seen live online and the magazine lands on our desks! Such is the case for this recent Exhibitor Magazine feature article that celebrates one of our all-time favorite experiences: NOV at the Offshore Technology Conference. “Inviting refuge,” “quieter self-paced experience,” and “tranquil VIP lounge” are just a few of the highlights noted in this two-page spread. There is so much to see, do, and experience in NOV’s thoughtful, engaging, and deliberate OTC exhibit.

As many of you are working remotely, from your homes, we invite you to pause for a just a moment, take a very deep breath, and take in these images and NOV’s story, which highlights their intentional strategy to differentiate and improve CX at tradeshows. We hope that like us, you see the clarity, intention, and beauty. Enjoy this feature article, entitled Self Service, from Exhibitor Magazine. And when the time is right and you’re ready to consider steps for the next journey for your exhibits, events, environment, or signage programs, know that our team of experts is here to help. We love working with our client partners to design, deliver, and execute amazing events, projects, and program. Stay safe and well, reach out when you need us. We are just a phone call away 800. 856.6659.

Self Service

With 50,000 attendees, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) can seem as congested and blaring as Black Friday at the Mall of America. To create an inviting refuge from the show’s typical rumpus, National Oilwell Varco Inc. (NOV) and 2020 Exhibits Inc. built a 4,000-square-foot booth designed to appeal to current clients, prospects, and VIPs on a more personal level. NOV, a provider of oil- and gas-drilling equipment and components, eschewed the huge machinery it usually highlighted at the show and instead offered a quieter self-paced experience focused on messaging.

Offshore Chilling Multiple hospitality areas provided ample space to relax.

Once inside the exhibit, attendees could approach the 20-by-6-foot LED Activation Wall. Here, visitors stepped up to any of five sets of footprints on the wood floor over which descriptive headings were written in a cursive script, such as “sustainable future,” “maximize returns,” and “quality wellbores.” If guests placed their feet on the footprints beneath, for example, “sustainable future,” the wall’s motion sensor activated and played a short video about that topic. To explore other subjects, attendees simply shuffled over to the next set of footprints, after which the wall ran another brief video.

Activation Wall Instead of colossal machinery in its 50-by-80-foot booth, NOV offered more intimate experiences. At its LED Activation Wall, guests stepped on topic-labeled footprints, which triggered short video presentations.

From the self-paced Activation Wall, guests moved to any of half a dozen learning stations set in handsome frames of plywood and laminate. Visitors donned wireless Bose Corp. headphones that dampened the din of the show floor and then embarked on another self-guided tour of many NOV products. Once attendees wrapped up at the stations, they could relax in the hospitality space whose plywood/laminate countertop and tables and low-hanging overhead beams effected the intimate ambiance of a chill Seattle coffee bar.

VIP Lounge Staffers invited A-ranked leads to convene in the tranquil VIP lounge, where the mid-century-modern environment seemed more “Mad Men” than meeting room. NOV’s booth drew in hundreds of attendees with activities that guests controlled at their own speed and a space that gushed with calm instead of clamor.

Credit: Charles Pappas, writer, Exhibitor Magazine