Exhibit Design Trends: The Picture of Inspiration

Check out the latest exhibit design trends, as shared by our award-winning Design Team. Here you will see up-to-date trends and ideas, never lacking style or substance. Take a spin around, to discover new ideas and ways to capture attention and dominate on the show floor.

1. Going Au Natural – Natural Materials
When it’s all about style, mood, and feel, reclaimed or stained wood planking, faux printing, or roll vinyl flooring in stone, concrete or wood are unique materials seen in exhibit designs.

Exhibit Design Trends - Natural Materials

2. Seam Free – Seamless LED Panel Video Applications
No bezels need apply. Tiles made of mirco-small RGB LEDs can be stacked/arranged into configurations for theatres, design accents, and even overhead signage.

Exhibit Design Trends - Seamless LED Panel

3. Loud & Proud – Projection Mapping
Activate any surface with video with this unique AV treatment. Content is key, but when done right can add buzz and take a booth beyond the show floor (as seen on the front page of the Houston Chronicle).

Exhibit Design Trends - Projection Mapping

4. It’s a Virtual Reality
Not so long ago, virtual reality (VR) was a curious novelty. Fast forward to event marketing today; you’ll see many branding looking for that “just right” marketing application. But when you have it, one thing is for certain; your brand is on the cutting edge of technology. We love simulation experiences. Ready to take flight? Keep your eye on the sky and experience VR in 1920s style.

Exhibit Design Trends - Virtual Reality

5. Never Out of Touch with Multi-Touch Video Walls
Engage crowds of booth visitors at one time with fun, active, animated displays that can take visitors on a deep brand dive.

Exhibit Design Trends - Video Walls

6. Full Speed Ahead! Take a Load Off & Enjoy: Charging Stations
Charging stations are not only for guests, as booth staffers will also appreciate this useful modern convenience. Charging can cutting-edge into almost any surface for open, easy access. Locker technologies also exist for secure charging where guests can leave their devices and engage with other areas of an exhibit.

Exhibit Design Trends - Charging Stations

7. Kick Back, Relax, Dwell Awhile – Lounge Areas
Create a more unique, comfortable experience for your booth visitors with some soft furnishings. Add some half walls, enclosed environments or a second story to up the experience to a VIP level. Combine with charging stations & you have a captive and appreciative crowd. Increase dwell time, anyone?

Exhibit Design Trends - Lounge Areas

8. Experience Matters – Exhibit Experiences Working In Combination With A Marketing Theme
Fully themed exhibit designs built around a marketing theme can create a unique, memorable experience for your customers.

Exhibit Design Trends - Marketing Theme

9. Walk this Way – Floor Graphics
Why settle for just carpet, a wood look or other texture when the opportunity to cover new ground for messaging, graphics & wayfinding is right there at your feet.

Exhibit Design Trends - Floor Graphics

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