2020 Events Mobilizes Resources
Corporate Event

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Planning a successful event involves a thousand decisions and details that are, ultimately, about driving connection. From pre-event planning and production to "Showtime", where the behind the scenes efforts of an event team’s cast and crew are vital to the event’s overall success, no detail is too small.

For CyberSource, a leading solutions provider of Credit Card Processing for Business, Electronic Payment & Risk Management, their annual Payment Management Summit and Payment Management Forum set the tone for their strategic business units and key customers. Considered by the company as two of their most critical annual events, the Summit and the Forum draw leading C-level and top tier customers from around the globe to participate in these information-packed, relationship-driven programs. It is during these two-day affairs that strategy, education and connection will make all of the difference in the world, helping to build and reinforce key relationships for the CyberSource brand.

With less than six weeks remaining until the first guest Welcome Reception handshake and hello, time was tight. Anticipating more than 250 key customers across two major city locations for these two distinct programs and events meant seamless planning and execution were required. Relying upon limited internal resources and support, CyberSource knew they needed to engage a well-seasoned and experienced team to tackle and deliver these all-important programs. Reaching out to 2020 Events was the first step.

For 2020 Events, making the most of the time available to plan and execute all of the critical details was the first order of business. Taking this first step, the 2020 Events team conducted a lightening-speed analysis of what was needed, what had and had not been completed and dove right in. Key objectives and strict timelines were established, agreed and acted upon.

Working in concert with the hotel property and dedicated resources, 2020 Events tackled the full scope of program management including on-site registration, print deliverables, and survey and budget management. From guide books to pocket agendas, directional signage and enhanced event branding, the 2020 Events team remained sharply focused, keeping the CyberSource messaging and deliverables on message and on brand. Speakers were managed. Agenda, décor, A/V and overall space and theme were addressed, agreed and acted upon. From A/V food and beverage and personal preference details, the many personal touches that can make the difference between a so/so event and an extraordinary event were carefully scrutinized and planned. Behind the scenes, orchestrating it all with great finesse and direction, the 2020 Events team kept their sleeves rolled and their heads down, working to execute their flawless plan.

With eye-catching deliverables, an action-packed and information-filled agenda inspired by a deep lineup of recognized and remarkable speakers, 2020 Events delivered. The event was strategic. It was on brand. It was as inspired and it was inspiring. Once the doors opened, CyberSource's best and brightest customers were able to connect and experience the Payment Management Forum and Payment Management Summit as never before.