Digital Sales Tools Drives Results


In the dynamic, ever-changing oil and gas landscape, new products and technologies are designed, produced and delivered every day. From Drilling through Production, industry leading M-I SWACO equips their customers with the systems and technologies that enable them to meet their needs at every stage of the drilling process. It’s a robust and growing product portfolio – with detailed, precise and key production needed for their worldwide sales team. With a multilingual sales team traveling the globe, introducing and sharing M-I SWACO’s robust, dynamic catalog product offerings, a more dynamic sales tool was needed.

M-I SWACO needed to showcase their product line in a vivid, warm and compelling way. They wanted a dynamic, engaging digital presentation that would reinforce the strength and capabilities of the M-I SWACO brand as the leading supplier of drilling fluid systems engineered to improve drilling performance.

2020 Exhibits designed and delivered a compelling, interactive sales kit that included not only print collateral but video and multimedia. On message and on brand, the M-I SWACO Interactive Sales Tool effectively showcased M-I SWACO’s systems, products and technologies. As part of their interactive sales tool kit, M-I SWACO helps the team work at peak levels, engaging with their clients in a new way.

Ultimately, M-I SWACO can now measure interest, better collaborate and align their messaging and targeted follow-up conversations.