A Deep Dive


As a leading provider of custom-designed and manufactured subsea power cables, umbilical systems and reeler packages, JDR wanted to stand out in a sea of exhibits creating a strong, solid impression.

What better way to engage clients, prospects and guests in a brand story than with an immersive and interactive experience on the show floor? Attendees at the Offshore Technology Conference were captivated by the big, bold and dynamic touch table found in the JDR exhibit environment. Through an engaging touch screen media table and corresponding video wall, 2020 Exhibits helped JDR communicate their brand story, with clarity and focus. Driving conversation, communication and connection, JDR’s interactive touch table told the story with ease.

As an idea way for driving engagement, the JDR touch table invited interaction, enabling up to four users at one time to drive their individual experiences. The Interactive touch media table features brand content and product demos. With the users in the driver’s seat, content was seen, shared and viewed across the table and the corresponding large video wall.

The interactive table’s back-end analytics helped JDR drive performance and improve collaboration with key analytics measuring real-time engagement, device viewing trends, sharing and CRM-aligned downloadable history. Equally important and perhaps most rewarding was the resulting engagement. The JDR brand came to life, in an interesting, impactful way – allowing booth visitors an inside look into this remarkable brand.