A Legacy of Success: Celebrating Past, Present and Future

There are many design and structural pathways to consider when creating an environment that reflects the personality and work style of a corporate brand, educational institution or sports organization. For some projects 2020 Exhibits works on the project from the very beginning, from that first shovel of dirt and throughout the build. We have more of a blank canvas upon which our design can help a brand and business can make its mark. For other projects, we begin work after the walls, windows and structural elements are firmly in place. Much like an exhibit or tradeshow environment, it is these unique objectives and a focus on the work and culture of each organization that drives the creative and the design.

With tremendous respect for the past while honoring the future of each client brand, our design team loves to create History Wall and Recognition Walls (or Halls). Inspired by the strong traditions and influences found in each organization, these are beauties, one and all.


1   The brand story, bold and bright, a remarkable history to see and to share.


2   Recognizing remarkable clients and award-winning design.


3   Celebrating excellence in all things.


4   Mission, value and promise in action, throughout the years.

Let us tell your story.