The biggest goal for Wood was an impactful and inviting presence, reflective and reinforcing their position as a leader in the offshore market. Recruitment and client engagement, via engagement and hospitality, were key objectives. WOOD sought to strengthen and solidify client relationships in this open and inviting environment, with meetings with international clients, showcasing WOOD’s digital and technology offerings. Sharply focusing on engagement and interaction, WOOD sought an open, sleek, and modern environment that would increase brand awareness, initiate conversations, foster relationships and allow plenty of room for clients and prospects to experience WOOD. As the premier global event for the development of offshore resources, the Offshore Technology Conference is as busy as it is bold, with more than 60,000 key decision-makers and executives from across the global offshore energy industry landscape converging on Houston and OTC.


Deliberate and intentional design and fabrication follow methodical discovery, with branding, messaging, and design carefully considered. Immediately upon entry, the artfully branded experience serves as an immersive, inspiring, and educational showcase centered on the company’s core values. Form follows function, as there is an almost sculptural feel, as the curve and shape of the WOOD logo is seen both high and low, with the ceiling tying in nicely and offering some sound reduction and semi-privacy, as they absorb noise. Strategic and compelling, these represent two core values also to deliver impact and branding, a powerful combination. The hospitality area is strategically placed to encourage casual conversation.