Wood Group Mustang



As a world leader in the multi-faceted oil services industry, Wood Group Mustang maintains a global presence across a broad spectrum of tradeshows and industry events. In order to service multiple shows in various fields, it was important to the events team to keep their exhibit resources nimble enough to accommodate changes in venue, content, footprint size, and budget. Having exhibit resources that could change to fit various floor plans, budgets, and even messaging was critical for the team at Wood Group Mustang.


Collaborating with the design team at 2020 Exhibits, Wood Group Mustang looked to create a modular exhibit system that would be reconfigurable for any variety of show scenarios. The marketing team had just unveiled a new brand, so the collaborative team took advantage of the new branding effort by designing the fundamental pieces of the new exhibit models from scratch.

In order to provide as much visibility as possible to the new brand, sight lines were a priority. As a result, the reconfigurable elements required both the proper spacing and branding most with a 360-degree visual reference in mind. The modular elements were given space to not only allow for those sight lines to be available from anywhere in and around the booth on the showroom floor, but to account for high levels of foot traffic and engagement space.

Video monitors replaced fabric graphics throughout the space. This not only enhanced the team’s ability to change content quickly from show to show, but also saved cost on expensive reprints and maintenance for the printed materials.