As a world leader in oil and gas services, NOV maintains a large perennial presence at OTC in their headquarters’ backyard in Houston. And as the premier global event for the development of offshore resources, the Offshore Technology Conference can be as crowded and distracting – and frenetic – like the World Series. From an elbow-bumping crowd to the massive wave of attention-grabbing products and people, all screeching for the time and attention of more than 60,000 key decision makers and executives from across the global offshore energy industry landscape, OTC has it all. Knowing that such a hectic and harried experience can and will exhaust attendees NOV wanted an immersive and engaging experience that would be a buzz-worthy destination, offering a peaceful respite from the noise and clamor of the crowded trade show floor. The overall objective, above all is to create an experience of place and space that encourages active engagement and increases interaction, with the both the people, products, and technologies that are NOV. Showcasing NOV’s technologies and expertise were central to the strategic plan for this sizeable exhibit environment. It is with this in mind that the design team at 2020 Exhibits went to work to create an open and inviting space.


Larger than life, NOV branding, interaction, and active engagement take center stage in this captivating 50’ x 80’ environment. With four zones seamlessly woven through the space, each with their own intention, active engagement strategy, and opportunity for personal interaction with the NOV Team. The highly traversed main aisle offers the ideal entry; however, the design team took full advantage of the side aisles for multiple entry points. A sleek yet inviting Welcome Desk stands front at left, serving as both a warm introduction. With its wide-open interior, attendees could quickly identify their area of interest and peruse those products with ease. Guests are drawn to the center of the environment, where they found a comfortable lounge and generous hospitality. Akin to the heartbeat found in the kitchen of one’s home, this area served as the central walkthrough, offering NOV additional opportunity for engagement, interaction, and hospitality. All markers of the NOV brand, culture, and experience. Flanking the environment’s central hospitality area on both sides are projection corridors, that each feature a specific product line: In one is the Wellbore Technologies and, the other is Completion & Production solutions. Visitors were drawn to the back of the experience, where they could amp up engagement in the RISE WORKSTATION, vying for their rightful place as Top Scorer of the day in the NOVOS Challenge. Strategically alongside the NOVOS challenge is the comfortable yet expansive Conference Room, for greater privacy and one-on-one meetings. Some guests and visitors prefer a more individualized experience. To accommodate these guests, the spacious yet expansive Conference Room is positioned strategically alongside the NOVOS Challenge. NOV appreciates that giving guests a range of choices for the type of engagement and experience allows more significant opportunity for a memorable and meaningful experience and exchange. A more passive yet engaging environment for two product lines was highly sought after and found in the cozy confines of the museum-like Corridor experience. Add to the mix projection and its corollary lighting to create a compelling and immersive digital experience and you have the ideal stage an opportunity to showcase creative design solutions that set the stage and celebrate NOV’s product lines. Such was the case with NOV’s two “projection corridors: one for Wellbore Technologies and one for Completion & Production solutions. The overall feel was that of cozy yet engaging museum-like walkways, that guided people through the experience. Curved light tape served as wayfinding, creating a pathway and mark for guests to stand upon. NOV’s very own R & D team designed sensors to drive the experience. Once upon the mark, the projection experience would appear on the screen, with ambient sound triggered directionally, by each of the projection videos. Standing side-by-side, it was a passive experience with product information and branding artfully repeated until the guest stepped off the mark, walking toward the next curved light tape mark. All told there were five projectors with ten speakers each were positioned in the space, sight unseen by the visitors.