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In the world of oil and gas marketing, the equipment is anything but small (or light). As a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment and components used in oil & gas drilling and production, NOV sought to set the stage at OTC2013. With their tradeshow exhibit as a backdrop, NOV sought to reinforce their brand and belief that they exist to build upon customers' success by partnering with them, not simply selling them products. With this sharp focus, NOV asks the question: How can we partner with you?

2020 Exhibits Solution

National Oilwell Varco’s (NOV) key objectives focused on making their visitors feel welcome, invited and, in their words, “comfortable and relaxed." NOV sought to be a calming oasis, away from the “hustle and bustle” in an otherwise very hectic and product-heavy OTC environment. Together with the NOV Team, 2020 Exhibits wisely considered varied learning styles, interests and preferences, with planning centered around their ongoing focus to always “Think Like a Customer.” Two central themes, engagement and enjoyment, drove much of the design process and planning. Working with NOV’s multiple business units and key product areas, 2020 Exhibits created vignette or focused client-centric areas ranging from a movie theater setting (popcorn and all) for those business units focused on presentations to an interactive area with touch screens and a lounge-like feel. A modern design and interactive environment with animation tables and a private VIP area, served as the perfect backdrop for visiting industry and government leaders.

A modern design and interactive environment with animation tables and a private VIP area, served as the perfect backdrop for clients, prospects and world leaders. How did the environment succeed without big products? It is important to note that NOV took full advantage of OTC's Houston location to host two key offsite events during which products were present and show-ready. The first event was their 10th annual customer appreciation shrimp boil, where thousands of customers traveled in style, riding private party buses from the Reliant Center to NOV's offsite facility to enjoy a very festive, party atmosphere. The focus here is light, casual and purely social with NOV's large oil & gas equipment serving as a backdrop during this event. The following day NOV hosts an invitation-only "Equipment Day" and it is here that the sales team can spend quality time with clients to see NOV's products, up close and personal. Also onsite is one of NOV's largest rigs, a big attention getter, with private Rig Tours hosted throughout Equipment Day.

NOV’s decision to move away from a product-centric space to a more personable, attendee-focused space was met with resounding success. With a clear focus the human element, success was found in an environment that feels more intimate, comfortable and, well, less trade show-like.