Maverik Convenience Stores


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With more than 300 stores across ten states, Maverik is the largest independent fuel marketer in the Intermountain West. Designed around their credo as “Adventure’s First Stop” and driven by the credo of “Live Legendary, Never Ordinary,” Maverik convenience stores and gas stations lay claim to the pioneering spirit of the west in both culture and function. Providing fuel and premium food and beverage options for outdoors-loving, extreme-sports-minded travelers in more than 300 locations throughout the western states, Maverik places a premium on its unique brand experience. Helping their customers gear up for the next big adventure and transforming the ordinary into extraordinary environments, Maverik has a big and bold story made up of adventure, sports and the great outdoors. As Maverik set off with ambitious plans to refresh their graphic identity in more than 40 stores across the region annually to match the spirit of the brand, they reached our Environments Team at 2020 Exhibits to serve as the team lead for this grand adventure. From start to finish, with expertise and robust production capabilities to spearhead the project, 2020 Exhibits took the wheel to deliver from the initial measurement to the printing and installation of Maverik-designed custom graphics and wallpaper.


What began as a 40+ store launch in late 2016, has grown into almost 40 additional stores as the calendar nears 2018. From our expert field supervisor's initial store visit and precision measurements to the file pre-flighting and printing to the scheduling, coordination and roll out for each convenience store location. 2020 Exhibits has executed almost 80 stores, measuring, printing, and installing nearly 250,000 square-feet of wallpaper and vinyl. Much like you find in a busy air traffic control tower, Team 2020 Exhibits directs installations simultaneously across a mountainous landscape and broad range of store types -- ranging from the new store openings to store remodels -- each with varying floor plans that are choc-full of large equipment, angles, and curves. It is no surprise that with Maverik's branding expertise, the Maverik design team's graphics magnify the brand's spirit of adventure, reinforcing the company’s unique identity. In the customer wallpaper designs, customers catch a glimpse of captivating local flavors such as a raccoon dipping a donut in a chocolate waterfall or a squirrel nibbling on an acorn near the ice cave alongside the beverage cooler. Legendary? Yes. Ordinary? Never. With the resounding success of the Team's graphics printing and installation rollouts, the beat goes for 2020 Exhibits as Maverik continues to work with the team to push its ambitious expansion plans. Let the adventure continue!