INDUSTRY: Housewares


International Home and Housewares is a closed show. It’s a place where introductions are made, products are viewed, and buyers spend time getting to know brands. And more often than not, the exhibitors are long-standing, highly recognizable brand names and products. Such was not the case for JARS a French company that hand makes every piece of its highly sought after glazed stoneware. The challenge was to not only capture attention, but to create a compelling, enclosed space that would feel like a cozy, comfortable room. Housewares, meet JARS.


The overall objective was to deliver an organic yet polished experience, much like the JARS product line. Branding would be minimal at best, unlike the more typical trade show experience. Introductions would be made, with the business of business happening outside of the exhibit hall at a more informal gathering or meal. The space would be curved and arched, with a retail look and feel. Materials were on brand, with the use of natural, light woods and simple press board. Products were displayed against an organic material, also known as hay. There would be no technology (too impersonal), limited seating (all of two comfortable chairs, tableside, should a buyer chose to sit and chat awhile. Branded was decidedly and strategically minimal, to catch the eye but invite closer view an inspection. The bright, light material set the stage as a backdrop for the Jars hand crafted logo. Pops of color are see in the artful pottery, catching the eye and opening the door for conversation. In a word, lovely.