It's a Wonderful Life

INDUSTRY: Corporate Events

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It is a special event in a business where the opportunity arises to celebrate your employees, giving them a taste of the extraordinary experiences you provide. While they may be familiar with the back end, it is an undeniable treat to entertain, celebrate, and ‘WOW’ them with a holiday event in their honor. With twinkly lights, real snow, and the sights and sounds of the classic movie, "It's a Wonderful Life," enveloping the space, the 2020 Exhibits Events Team created an unforgettable experience. A winter wonderland celebration of snowy scenes from the very first step as seen from a winding entryway to an ice skating rink, moon to lasso, and the final bow.


A winter wonderland from this classic movie as the central theme and all the campaign events centering around Bedford Falls (and of course the film itself). The showroom at 2020 Exhibits headquarters was decidedly magical as an event space that was a blustery mix of the best of George Bailey. This industrial showroom space was transformed into a winter scene with glittery snow, twinkly lights, with an illuminating custom dance floor designed to resemble the ever-present home-made ice rink found in backyards. The first impression transported guests to a different place and time, as they were met with piles of glistening snow (real snow, in Texas y’all), as the corporate front entry and lobby felt like scenes from a winter landscape, including plush white carpets and white birch trees lining the hallway. Cozy nooks for visiting were interspersed throughout the space, with white leather booths lining the wall of the dance floor space for the celebration and holiday party. From every angle, iconic movie moments were found in large graphic images, including a note from Clarence, bells places throughout the space (“Every time a bell rings…”) along with the moon to lasso and warm, cozy nibbles and drinks to satisfy every taste. The set and setting of the event was a perfect environment to entertain and celebrate the 2020 Exhibits family. The party far exceeded its objectives of strengthening relationships with our most important and valued asset. The success of the event will undoubtedly carry momentum into the next celebration. In the end, there are stories to tell, images for everyone to share, as seen across social media and memories found in Instagram-able backdrop and pictures!