HB Fuller

INDUSTRY: Adhesives & Specialty Chemical


For almost 30 years, Coverings has been the preeminent event for the ceramic tile and natural stone industry in North America. Visitors from every facet of the tile and stone industry find that Coverings is THE one event that drives their success, year after year. It is in this environment that H.B. Fuller Construction Products lead the way, standing tall right alongside 1,100 exhibitors, all vying for the time and attention of 26,000 attendees. As a leading provider of technologically advanced construction materials and solutions to the commercial and residential construction industry H.B. Fuller’s recognized and trusted brands –TEC®, Grout Boost® and others would take center stage and be showcased at this all-important event. For this exhibit experience, H.B. Fuller sought to create an environment that would stand high above the other exhibitors, and not only capture attention but also be engaging and inviting, pulling people into the environment to learn more.


Meet H.B. Fuller at Coverings 2018 -- an extraordinary environment where the simple appears complex and the complex appears simple. Capitalizing on the strength, power, and innovative simplicity of the TEC brand identity, 2020 Exhibits brought their Coverings 2018 experience to life – with light. With a massive (20’L x 10’W x 4’H) overhead hanging sign placed high above the exhibit, attendees eyes were drawn upward, to the beautifully backlit signage. Symbolizing multiple levels of interaction that customers experience with the TEC brand, the colorful TEC brand elements represent the collaborative approach to partnering with customers, ‘out of the box’ thinking that drives innovation, and products that cohesively work together as systems. Serving as a bright, light and vivid reflection of H.B. Fuller’s commitment to those who imagine great spaces and those who build them, the beautifully (and strategically) well-lit TEC exhibit experience maximizes H.B. Fuller’s impact on the show floor. Individual 48” square light box panels throughout the space are highlighted with LEDs, delivering deep, visually stunning, compelling and attention-getting graphics and messaging. Utilizing the strong and highly-recognizable brand colors of the TEC brand, the double-sided, simple yet strategically placed ribbons of light and color are a powerful component of the 10’ x 20’ hanging sign. The illuminated 13” TEC backlit dimensional acrylic letters brighten the space, reinforcing and capitalizing on the power of the TEC brand. With custom lettering and backlit dye sub SEG panels seamlessly integrated throughout the area, the H.B. Fuller TEC experience delivers. From top to bottom and all throughout, the exhibit was mesmerizing like a moth to a flame with attendees stepping inside to spend time learning more from the TEC team. Let there be light, indeed.