Global Eagle Entertainment

INDUSTRY: Airline & Aviation / Technology

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A leading worldwide provider of in-flight entertainment, media content, technology, and connectivity solutions to the airline industry, Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) looked to the AIX in Germany as a rare opportunity to highlight its unique capabilities to the leaders and decision makers within this niche environment. Functionality to support a packed and steady schedule of back-to-back, private meetings was the company’s primary objective for this expansive environment. Equally important to the design is overall aesthetic, as a polished, crisp yet comfortable space to feature the company’s products.


What is bright, bold, and appears to travel all over? This stunning exhibit beautifully executes the identity of GEE’s in-flight internet and entertainment services by incorporating the company’s eye-catching colors and shapes, creating can’t miss visuals and design. GEE reaped a big Return on Objective (ROO) for meetings galore with two large conference rooms, seating up to 12 people each, strategically anchoring the back of the exhibit environment and three (3) smaller conference rooms, for seating up to six were tucked away in the back of the exhibit footprint. Who doesn’t love stepping away from the chaotic tradeshow floor to pause, even for just a moment? Casual, comfortable brand boasting entertainment was available in a calm and relaxing lounge-like setting. The technology took center stage throughout the space with two comfortable and modern lounge areas strategically placed across the exhibit, allowing for relaxing conversation. With the overall functionality serving as captain of this exhibit experience, the design incorporates clever and creative ways as the wind to push forward engagement for guests to experience the company’s product line of in-flight media. One lounge area replicates the feeling of an airport lounge, with landing strip seen right outside the windows. For those interested in taking a seat and gazing out the windows of a plane, the second comfortable lounge area overlooks soft, puffy clouds floating by. The self-standing kiosk serves as a nucleus for engagement, back-to-back video monitors featuring the brand story, and four mirroring demo station tiers housing iPads for on-site demos of the product and one-on-one engagement with booth staffers.