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Telling your brand story in a rich, vivid, memorable way can be challenging especially when in an industry where, typically, traditional, corporate images rule the day. As a dynamic and growing yet seasoned and wise company, Arc Designs, Inc. is innovative and forward-thinking, with proven performers and performance delivering arc welding engineering expertise and solutions worldwide. The overall objective was to create a compelling visual presentation, reinforcing ARC’s capabilities and passionate level of service and commitment in an innovative, memorable way thereby improving recognition and capturing the attention of qualified prospects. Challenging 2020 Exhibits to help them tell their story – in a clear, concise and compelling way – was the first step.


2020 Exhibits’ overall solution was to deliver a creative, compelling presentation through the use of distinctive materials, photos and rich, compelling content.

  • Extensive Experience - Reach and engage a through the delivery of a broad portfolio of projects across the globe.
  • Proven Results – Showcase proven performance with real-world examples of successfully delivered projects.
  • Strong Creative is Key – Focus on strong images to enhance user experience and reinforce the firm’s capabilities.

Through creative multimedia, ARC Design comes to life. Clients and prospects are better able to visualize their extensive capabilities and see them in action. Arc Design now has a crisp, dynamic presentation with compelling visual design and content that is used across multiple platforms and venues –from tradeshows, to business presentations to center stage at their corporate headquarters, reinforcing Arc's mission and message.