2020 Exhibits Sweeps the BMA Lantern Awards, wins record-breaking 22 awards, including the People’s Choice Award

2017 BMA lantern Awards

2020 Exhibits announced today with great honor and delight that it swept the BMA Lantern Awards, winning a record-breaking 22 awards across 21 categories, including THE People’s Choice Award, NINE Lantern Awards and TWELVE Awards of Excellence. Earning highest accolades and recognition from leading marketing pros in voting 2020 Exhibits #1 with THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD for the Experience the Roaring ’20s with 2020 Exhibits campaign.

“Winning nine Lantern Awards, 12 Awards of Excellence and the People’s Choice is an incredible honor,” said Bob Babine, president of 2020 Exhibits. “It further affirms and reinforces that our client-centered, creative approach at 2020 Exhibits is resonating, creating meaningful and measurable experiences.”

Leading B2B marketers voted 2020 Exhibits #1, proudly earning the crowd favorite People’s Choice Award and a Lantern Award for the engaging and compelling integrated marketing communications program, aptly named Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits. A living and breathing dynamic campaign, the creative work and implementation comes in the form of a sizeable list of deliverables, including E-blasts & e-campaigns, Social Media, Website – content, search, social, branding, Videos, PR –news releases and media, Print collateral, a robust trade show marketing and direct mail campaigns.

Roaring 20's

In the microsite category, 2020 Exhibits earned a Lantern Award for the original and compelling BBQ, Brew & Branding Mix – AKA Triple B Mix microsite. Across the vibrant marketing landscape, there is a virtual alphabet soup (AMA, BMA, IABC, to name a few!) of opportunity for pros to spend time in good company, rubbing elbows at professional and association events. On behalf of SEMPO Cities Houston, 2020 Exhibits’ creative approach to the design, positioning, and marketing of this first-time annual event to drive attendance and make it as appetizingly delicious and enticing as can be. Mission accomplished as this site delightfully captured the hearts, minds, appetites, and valuable time of this influential group.

BBQ, Brew & Branding Mix

Winning a Lantern Award for the interactive presentation – Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits is the Bee’s Knees! Demonstrating the breadth and depth of offerings to the tradeshow exhibit market, 2020 Exhibits unveiled fully branded Interactive Presentation showcasing products, services, and a Roaring ’20s Experience and flavor. An integral part of the company’s Roaring ‘20s speakeasy exhibit experience, the “Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits” interactive was in the heart of the exhibit as seen on a massive video wall. The program contained all of the data, information, and images presented while maintaining a very smooth UX. From the Talkies, the Real McCoy, Puttin’ on the Ritz, to the Cat’s Meow, the Bee’s Knees and More, the content for this innovative interactive presentation was derived from the “Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits” theme infused throughout the exhibit environment.

Roaring 20's Interactive Presentation

A Lantern Award in the Promotional Item category brought thunderous applause, for both its originality and creative design. Designed and made entirely in-house, the BBQ, Brew & Branding – Triple B Mix custom wooded box makes your heart sing! Serving as the perfect canvas upon which to showcase the capabilities of 2020 Exhibits’ design and fabrication services these custom-made beauties provide valuable real estate to reinforce the event’s value proposition for the BBQ, Brew & Branding Triple B Mix event and serve as a special, custom ‘Thank You’ gift to the event’s special guests and speakers. Completed with creative branding, this promotional piece had staying power in that it was highly likely that many end users would not only keep, but also show off this unique and creative piece.

BBQ, Brew & Branding Promotion

For excellence in integrated marketing, 2020 Exhibits Integrated Marketing Campaign is recognized with a Lantern Award. Every communication, touchpoint and overall engagement is part of a greater strategy and plan designed for the team at 2020 Exhibits to drive brand awareness, attention, and success, across the company’s three divisions: 1) Exhibits, 2) Global Events, and 3) Environments, which includes Corporate Interiors and Signage. This robust integrated marketing and communications program drives success, through leads, increased brand awareness, and attention, particularly through its dynamic website.

Integrated Marketing Campaign

In the Original illustration category, a Lantern Award recognizes 2020 Exhibits bold and brilliant Custom Booth Sign for ExhibitorLive. As the signature and cornerstone element for 2020 Exhibits “Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits” campaign and trade show booth, this custom illustration is woven throughout all touchpoints of the campaign. The most impressive of all, is this custom sign. In the Roaring ’20s the architecture celebrated strong, vertical lines as seen in Singapore’s Parkview building and the sunburst facade of New York City’s famed Chrysler building. Often seen as the peak of Art Deco architecture, the metallic embellishments and strong, geometric shapes, curves, and vertical lines are the essence of Art Deco. An all-around winner, this impressive sign attracted visitors like moth’s to a flame. Brilliant!

Original Illustration

An Award of Excellence in the Large Exhibit category celebrated this show-stopping favorite, the CenturyLink Experience. When it comes to a busy trade show floor, there are exhibits, and then there are traffic-stopping, attention-grabbing spectacular experiences. We know it’s critical make each brand’s mark, wisely. The CenturyLink brand is celebrated throughout the space, especially through the customer’s journey, as seen in the center of the structure. Flanked with a seamless array of interactive content, this animated “Tunnel Experience” gave all booth visitors a high-level overview of CenturyLink’s products. Attendees then learned more via CenturyLink’s theater presentation and interactive demos.


Perennial favorite, the Maverik Base Camp earned an Award of Excellence in the Fixed Installation category. Hailed as “adventure’s first stop” and driven by the credo of “live legendary, never ordinary,” Maverik convenience stores embody the pioneering spirit of the west in both culture and function. With this spirit in mind, Maverik reached out to 2020 Exhibits to create a corporate headquarters that embodied the company’s core values of adventure, customer service, value, thought, and leadership. The challenge was to take a relatively bare four-story space in Salt Lake City and transform it into a command center that personified the Maverik brand- Maverik Base Camp.

Maverik Base Camp

Lantern Awards were also awarded in the Small Tradeshow Exhibit Category for ExhibitForce @HCEA, the Total Campaign Category, for the company’s Integrated Marketing Drives Success campaign, and the Print Brochure category, for the flat direct mail piece, EF Event Suite brochure package.

2020 Exhibits earned Awards of Excellence across a broad range of categories, including Animation for the Virtual Reality (VR), Experience the Roaring 20’s with 2020 Exhibits; integrated social media campaign category for the ExhibitorLIVE 2017 campaign. In the Advertising category an Award of Excellence for both the single page and two-page spread category for Hear Us Roar: Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits Ad Campaign. In the Tradeshow Campaign category, 2020 Exhibits won an Award of Excellence for the Experience the Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits campaign. Also for the Experience Roaring ‘20s with 2020 Exhibits campaign; an Awards of Excellence was earned in the Banner Advertising category. The Triple B Mix –Shaking it Up for an Event filled with Flavor earned an Award of Excellence. A clever Growler combination earned an Award of Excellence in the Promotional Item category, with the company’s Brief, Bright & Bold: 2020 Exhibits Snapshot brochure rounding out the categories.

About 2020 Exhibits
Headquartered in Houston, TX, with offices in Las Vegas and St. Louis, 2020 Exhibits provides total tradeshow and event management, including the design, fabrication and installation of tradeshow exhibits for clients locally, nationally and internationally. With a laser-sharp focus on the delivery of dynamic interactive experiences to build brand engagement, 2020 Exhibits proven expertise in the integration of custom rental exhibits and multi-screen, A/V rich environments helps global brands drive results. The Environments Division's Corporate Interiors and Signage Group delivers crisp and compelling ADA-Compliant and Architectural Signage; Multifamily Creative Sign and Environmental Sign Design; Sign Package Design, Fabrication and Installation Nationwide; Environmental & Wayfinding Signage along with robust Naming & Identity programs.

Since 1987, the company's award-winning team has worked collaboratively with clients to provide optimum exposure and offers the total event package of services and support including interactive technologies; lead capture; corporate events; conference exhibits; event management; audio visual and digital multimedia; in-house production and printing; experiential marketing; event furnishings; graphic and creative design; brand marketing communications; turnkey show logistics; turnkey show management along with warehousing and storage.