7 Things Event and Tradeshow Marketers Should Consider Before Embarking on the RFP Process

RFP Process

More and more event managers are taking on the role of selecting their trade show and exhibit house partner — but they may not know where to begin. Carefully considering the needs and objectives of your tradeshow and event marketing program is a critical first step to finding the right fit. If you find yourself in this boat, keep these seven critical issues in mind for smooth sailing.

  1. The Brand: Tell us a little about your brand and your business including products, services, and industry trends. Be sure to include branding guidelines and objectives
  2. The Landscape: What should we know about your tradeshow, event program, and marketing objectives?
  3. The Direction: Where are you trying to go? Include your program objectives, prioritize and be specific
  4. The Look: Do you have key design requirements, including preferences, needs, and objectives
  5. The Time frame: What are the anticipated or concrete event and tradeshow timeline?
  6. At the Show: Tell us more about your service needs and requirements, such as I & D, on-site management
  7. The Bottom Line: It’s helpful to include budgetary information.

As you are planning strategy sessions for your new trade show exhibit and event partner, encourage people from different departments to participate, including what matters most for their group or division. Taking time on the front end of the RFP process to carefully consider and share key elements of your business, and your tradeshow program can mean time and money saved. No need for rough waters. How can we help?