Be it Resolved: Trade Show Resolutions

Trade Show Resolutions

In a little less than four weeks we will welcome the start of the bright and shiny New Year. Hello, 2018! Champagne corks will pop, and confetti will rain down from the skies, with the excitement of a clean slate and promise of resolutions made and resolutions filled. Likely you recognize the banter, either by the water cooler or in the recesses of your mind: This year, this will be the year. That’s right 2018 is the year we will rise early, work late, track and measure goals, cross them off the list and move the needle, up.

So, we wrap up these final moments of 2017; it seems only fair to ask: How’s it going? Have you established clear, measurable objectives for your tradeshow program? Are you setting benchmark goals to move you closer to the finish? While setting goals and objectives is a noble activity, the hard facts tell us that it’s the follow-through that matters.

According to one poll, more than 71 percent of people hold on to these promises for the first two weeks. And whopping 60 percent of people give up on their goals within six months of setting them. For those who take the time to write goals down, the likelihood of reaching those goals increases to 42%.

Let’s break it down, starting with the professional, aiming a sharp eye at your business and trade show goals, asking and answering a few key questions.

  • What are you trying to accomplish? What are your objectives?
  • Who are you trying to reach? Who is your target audience?
  • What are their needs and what are they trying to accomplish? What are their objectives?

The most important question, how can you help your target audience reach their goals? Because, in doing so, you are more likely to reach yours.

So, what do they want? Survey results from The Center for Exhibition Industry Research, bear repeating. What do attendees want? Their needs are pretty straightforward.

  • #1 reason for attendees is to see new products. Exhibitor tip: Do an in-booth product demonstration.
  • Your attendees will tell approximately 6+ people about their experience.
  • 38% of attendees are first-time attendees. That’s nearly four out of every ten are first timers to that show.
  • 85% of decision makers say attending trade shows saves their company time and money by bringing vendors together under one roof.
  • To what do attendees attribute a positive experience? According to attendees, 85% of an exhibitor’s success lies in the performance of the staff.
  • Over the course of the average tradeshow, the duration of time spent attendees visiting exhibits has increased by 5%. Attendees spend an average of nine hours and 2.3 days (per show) visiting exhibits.

As you try mightily to focus on the matter at hand, know that we can help. With more than 30 years of award-winning experience helping event marketers, tradeshow managers and sales teams reach their objectives and prove results, we can walk you through the process. Help to identify your needs and offer some tangible solutions. How can we help?