5 Tips for Promoting & Showcasing Your Virtual Event

Showcasing Your Virtual Event

The world, as we know it, has changed. With the cancellation of live events, including many tradeshows and conferences, you are taking the plunge and pivoting into Virtual Events.

You’ve taken every step to make it a success. You’ve laid the groundwork, lining up great speakers, full of inspiration, and impact. You are carefully considering every best and worst-case scenario, walking through the event with endless run-throughs, and practices, and checking off every box for the big day. Nervous? Yes, a little bit but so excited to kick things off. Your virtual event is going to be a great show!

But wait, before the doors open (also known as opening the screen for your attendees to see), and it is show time, don’t skip this step: pre-show promotion is CRITICAL.

Here are five tips for promoting your virtual event.

  1. Take some time to figure out which parts of your virtual event could be featured on social or promotional e-blasts or even paid social ads. Consider the best fit across your social media landscape and strategy. Who are you trying to reach, and where do they spend time online? Use search engine optimization to help these prospective attendees find your event. Go there.
  2. Take the opportunity to show your target audience something inspiring that will capture their attention and compel them to action (sign up, join the webinar or virtual event) – perhaps a short clip (think commercial) of video or a quote from your recognized presenter. Could you give them a compelling reason to tune in?
  3. Make your brand voice heard above the clatter and noise of (seemingly) endless virtual content. Audiences are spending more time than ever online. Attention is scarce. Consider all the senses – especially sights and sounds, to showcase your brand voice and style, leaving an indelible imprint. Background – music and imagery matters. Back to #2, but with sound.
  4. Your virtual event should tell a story – with a beginning, middle, and end. Pique curiosity with teasers and boost interest, before the event begins! Run a promotion, inviting people to sign up for a random door prize to be announced during the virtual event.
  5. Who doesn’t love an invitation to fun? Break up the hum-drum of your target viewer’s day, with an engaging, fun, or funky invitation to your virtual event. You can encourage people to register, giving them excellent and compelling reasons to participate in your virtual event over any other virtual event running during the same time frame. In the virtual landscape, to capture attention – attract your —different wins. Thoughtful wins. Eye-catching wins. Value wins.

Remember, your virtual experience should be on-brand across every touchpoint – pre-event, during the event, and post-event – from start to finish. Have fun, make it enjoyable, but remain on-brand. Back to Tip #3, there is a lot of noise out there – let your brand and your pre-event promotion strike the right cord.

Ready, set, PROMOTE!

If you need a hand making your virtual event happen, we can help.