4 Easy Ways to Add More Engagement to Your Awesome Tradeshow

Tradeshow Engagement

Making an impression is the name of the game. Some call it the sticky impact. It’s no different in a tradeshow exhibit. You’re there to make a strong, powerful, impactful and memorable impression. And one of the fastest, most effective ways to do so is to think like a tradeshow attendee.

It always helps to ask a few key questions as you think through and strategize your awesome exhibiting plan: How can you attract and engage your targeted audience? How can you answer that age-old question, What’s in it for me?

  • ENGAGE your booth visitors.
  • Capture and captivate, draw them into your environment.
  • Make the part of the experience rather than an audience with eye’s glazing over, listening but not hearing, understanding or finding the least bit of interest in what you have to say.

With apologies to the grammar police, it’s fair to say that more engagement means more awesome. Find a way to capture their attention. Here a few ways to make that happen:

  • 1. Demonstrations – There’s a reason it’s called Show & Tell. Made good sense in grade school, it makes even better sense now. Show people. Let them see. And if your product is too big to lug to the tradeshow floor, hop on the digital train.
  • 2. Digital – by integrating technology into your event and exhibit strategy, you not only lengthen the shelf life of your information, you create an environment that drives engagement. “Let me show you.” Even better, put attendees in the driver’s seat and let them drive the experience.
  • 3. Dazzle – Showcase your product or your newest information via presentation. From theater style, where you invite folks to grab a seat (how nice, especially for aching show-weary feet!) or an engaging and entertaining booth staffer, who showcases your product, brand and/or services in an interesting way. It’s called trade SHOW for a reason. Give them a reason to stop by to learn more.
  • 4. Game On – Fun always trumps dull and boring. Can you engage your attendees or audience with a game? People love to be engaged, the chance to interact and do something. From 3D animated, interactive touch screens to touch tables and motion sensitive interactive, the possibilities are endless. Is there a chance to win a prize? Even better, who doesn’t love a prize?

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Let’s get started.