12 Steps to Engaging Content at CES


CES is a glimpse into the future. It’s a showcase of how we will work, play, travel, and communicate in the not-so-distant future. Awe-inspiring new gizmos and gadgets are the stars of the show and CES is the stage where many new products jump out of obscurity and into our daily lives.

In order to make your product stand out, it’s important to tell the story of how it works and what it does. Your exhibit should paint a picture of that future with your product in it. That’s where creative content creation comes into play. Whether it’s video, demonstration, print collateral, or your exhibit itself, effectively communicating what makes your offering rise above the rest can place it front and center on that big CES Stage.

Here are 12 steps the experts at 2020 Exhibits recommend for creating the perfect creative content:

1. Research
Tap into whatever sources you have access to in order to accumulate knowledge and data about your market, your business environment, and your competition.

2. Keep everything on the table (at first) Brainstorm, be open to new ideas, venture down creative roads. Basically, “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks”.

3. Edit
Get your fresh new ideas down to a manageable level. Eliminate the clutter and start to sharpen your focus.

4. Refine your message
Get a consensus on what you are trying to say and what you are trying to present. Write tag lines and mission statements in semi-permanent stone.

5. Create
If you’ve prepared properly, the brass tacks should come easier. Knocking out web pages, videos, and copy drafts should be a matter of putting your head down and fleshing out the details.

6. Choose a path
Make the hard decisions and pick the messaging you want to go with. Resist the urge to keep ideas just because you have time put in. Consistency will be important down the road.

7. Put together a strategy
Determine how your message is going to be delivered. Create a plan for campaigns, vendors, budgets, and timetables.

8. Make some rules
Building a brand requires enforcing guidelines. Make them the law of the land.

9. Test
Do some market testing with your new content. See how if it flies. Hard data tends to be pretty honest.

10. Break some rules
If your brand isn’t getting any traction, don’t let your attachment to the brand paint you into a corner. If reality is telling you to be flexible, you should listen.

11. Socialize your content
Once you’ve got creative content you are confident with, put it everywhere. Social media channels are an easy place to start.

12. Elevate
Think of your content as organic elements of your brand. Once something starts to take off, leverage that momentum. Build follow up pieces or add elements to it. The most successful content is constantly evolving.

Need help with creating creative content? 2020 Exhibits does far more than just build exhibits. Give us a call for your creative content needs including graphic design, video production, and copywriting as well!