Spring Forward, no Falling Back: Planning for the Next Season


Spring has officially sprung so now is the perfect time to begin prepping for the next tradeshow season ahead. From refreshing your exhibit to reviewing your marketing plan to performing a “lessons learned” audit, here are a few things to think about as you plan ahead and gear up for the next season and your next big event.

Spruce Up Your Digital Presence

Give your messaging a spring awakening by taking the load off – who needs all of that heavy, cumbersome literature? Incorporating tactics like MEDIA SUITE into your exhibit plan means you not only open up valuable space for increased traffic flow in your environment, you’re good to the environment as well. What with no cost for printing and shipping of old-school literature, the impact on the environment and your budget means Mother Nature will thank you, as will the bean counters who will be thrilled when they see improved ROI from your tradeshow program.

Freshen Your Graphics and Branding

Has your messaging and branding remained the same or is there something new to consider? After you peel back the layers of your last show; take it as a cue to bring in the new content and information. Remember to be fluid and flexible, appreciating that the information may change. Get the process started, considering new, different and innovative ways to wake up your environment.

Review Your Plan

Objectives are the place to begin, now is the time to give your last and most recent show and marketing plan a hard look. What lessons did you learn? Are there ways in which you can streamline and shed excess from either your budget or exhibit environment? Consider some options to better drive ROI and ROO. Think about using custom rentals vs. ownership and the benefits of digital via MEDIA SUITE vs. old-school literature. Explore more effective, comprehensive pre-show marketing vs. an all or none marketing approach at the show.

Take a Trip

If this time of year isn’t your industry’s tradeshow season, now is also a good time to expand your horizons. Carve out some time to take a field trip, visiting tradeshows or events outside of your industry. Be observant, with a keen eye for what’s new. Interesting and catches your attention. It’s always a good practice to step out of your comfort zone and look for ways to take your brand, your business and your next event to the next level. Soak it up.

While April showers may bring May flowers, good planning pays off and reaps big bottom-line benefits all year long.