Eye Candy: 10 Remarkable Tradeshow Exhibits to Inspire You

Is your tradeshow presence in need of a refresh? If you’re like many event and tradeshow marketers, you probably spend a whole lot of time traveling and diligently taking care of business. Unfortunately, though, you may not always have the time to take hard look at your current trade show exhibit and exhibit design. Today is your lucky day! We’ve rounded up some amazing tradeshow exhibits, to help you move in the right direction. Sweet!


1   Experience zones throughout, with a focus on fun and collaboration, inspire attendees to action.


2   What’s that you say? A gallery-like space to showcase products and services? Say Yes!


3   Fresh, inviting and modern, this impressive environment sets the tone and engages the senses with rich, vibrant imagery.

OTC2014 Gardner Denver

4   High-tech engagement found here, with “Beyond Tough – Tough isn’t enough” messaging making a big splash!

OTC2014 Stewart & Stevenson

5   Compelling hanging signage + crisp lighting + lounge + comfortable and inviting reception areas equal the perfect combination.


6   This impressive video wall with color, bright signage as way finding proves a captivating presence in a sea of more than 2,500 exhibitors.

OTC2014 Shawcor

7   Clean crisp and inviting, there’s something for everyone in this environment to behold.

OTC2014 Santrol

8   Focusing on strong lines, inventive shapes, and sharp angles, the exhibit is unlike any other. The semi-enclosed floor plan gives way to an open, airy environment.

OTC2014 Technip

9   Smart and innovative, this creative and dynamic double-deck exhibit commands attention.

OTC2014 Gazprom

10   This show stopper covers a lot of ground with comfortable seating, privacy and plenty of room for interaction and engagement.

OTC2014 EXPRO OTC2014 NOV OTC2014 ADNOC OTC2014 Gardner Denver OTC2014 Stewart & Stevenson OTC2014 WEIR OTC2014 Shawcor OTC2014 Santrol OTC2014 Technip OTC2014 Gazprom